Regular membership is open to any person (a) who is a graduate of an accredited law school or who has, by reading and studying the law in an attorney's office, been entitled to take a bar exam in any state and who resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia or (b) who has been admitted to membership in the Virginia State Bar.

Associate membership is open to any person (a) who is an active law student or is attending an accredited law school, or (b) who is a current law reader in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Membership Categories

If you choose to purchase your membership online via Paypal, please email a copy of your PayPal receipt along with your renewal notice or new membership form to Your membership will not be completed until we receive both items.


Lawyer (admitted to practice five years or more) $ 125.00*
Lawyer (admitted to practice four years or less) $  75.00*
Lawyer (admitted to practice one year or less) FREE  
Full Time Law School Employee  $30.00*
Public Sector/Non-Profit Employee $75.00*


Law student (non-voting) FREE   


Judge (non-voting) Complimentary (Annually)   
Retired (Age 70, Retired from Practice AND Member of either VSB or any Bar & a Resident of VA) $30.00*

*A PayPal service charge of 2.9% plus a $0.30 per transaction fee will be assessed on all PayPal payments. Currently these fees will result in the following charges (subject to change should PayPal fees increase):

  • $125 (Lawyer more than 5 yrs) will be charged $128.93
  • $75 (Lawyer less than 5 yrs or Non Profit) will be charged $77.48
  • $30 (Law school employee or retiree) will be charged $31.17