A Brown Bag Lunch and CLE was held at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, VA on October 20, 2016


A Virginia Lawyer's Obligation to Confidentiality & Professional Comportment

  • How do we graciously decline to answer questions that we just can't?
  • How can we talk meaningfully about processes, while preserving privilege/seal?
  • How can we argue a Motion to Withdraw in a way that meets our ethical duties to our client & the court?
  • How can we best work for improved processes without identifying fail-points?
  • How can we gently correct a colleague/superior? Must we? Ought we?
  • How do we diplomatically, but authentically, discuss challenges in practice areas?
  • Is there still something unique in a "Virginia Lawyer"? What does that mean regarding professional comportment?
  • Balancing the client's best interest in a litigation, with identifying opposing counsel's unprofessional conduct?
  • How to, and when to, graciously bow-out of a social-professional conversation?
  • What resources does the Virginia Bar Offer for guidance on ethical comportment? 


Justice Jane Marum Roush, Supreme Court of Virginia (Ret.)
Judge Teena Grodner, Fairfax Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court (Ret.)
Beth Bittel, Esq., The Law Offices of Beth Bittel, PC
Su Yong Min, Esq., The Law Offices of Su Yong Min, PLLC